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The Canadian Experience Class  (CEC)

(Please note; as of January 2015, CEC applicant will have to apply through the Express entry program instead of applying directly to the CEC program)- Please contact us to learn how you can increase your chances of getting accepted under the new Express Entry Program.

The Canadian Experience class (CEC) category is ideal for temporary foreign workers who have obtained a Canadian work experience and have settled or plan to settle in Canada. In order to qualify for the CEC program, the applicant needs to meet with requirements set by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. These requirements are related to areas such as the nature of work, the applicant's status during the working period, the number of hours, the admissibility requirements, and the occupation's category requirement.

The Canadian Experience Class Requirements:

- The applicant must have obtained at least a one year work experience in Canada within the past three years preceding the date of the application.

- The applicant must have worked full time during the period of the work experience claimed in the application. A full-time experience means at least 30 hours of work per week.

- The Applicant must plan to reside outside of Quebec

- Must meet the required Canadian Language Benchmark threshold. The current required benchmark is between 5 and 7 (Depending on the occupation's category and level). The official tests currently accepted by CIC are: CELPIP or IELTS for English language testing, and TEF test for French language testing. Test results are only valid for two years.

- The applicant must not be found inadmissible to Canada

The overall cap limit

As of May 1st 2014, the maximum number of applications that can be submitted under the Canadian Experience Class is 8,000 application.

The maximum number of application submitted under level B occupation is 200 applications.

Excluded occupations

The following occupations are not accepted:

- Cooks (NOC 6322)

- Food service supervisors (NOC 6311)

- Administrative officers (NOC 1221)

- Administrative assistants (NOC 1241)

- Accounting technicians and bookkeepers (NOC 1311)

- Retail sales supervisors (NOC 6211)

Who can apply for the CEC program?

Anyone who has obtained a work experience in Canada during which they were holding a valid status

Does the applicant need to be living in Canada when he/she apply to the program?

No, you can either be living in Canada or outside of Canada when you apply, as long as you submit the application within the required time frame mentioned above.

Can the applicant remain in Canada during the application process?

Yes, the applicant can legally remain in Canada during the application process until a decision is made on his/her application.

Are there any occupation caps for the CEC under the new Express Entry Program?

No, there will be caps under the new Express Entry Program. The new program will open in January 2015.
However, if you are applying directly to the CEC before December 2014, then the caps will apply.

Can international students and foreign workers apply for the CEC program?

Yes, international students who graduate from a recognized Canadian academic institutes can obtain at least a one year work permit and work for one year for a Canadian employer which can qualify them to apply to the CEC program.
International students may also qualify to apply under the Provincial Nominee Program and under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. Please
contact us to find out the best program for you

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